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Planning a maternity photoshoot? Get inspired by these maternity picture ideas that put your bump front and center.


Taking photos during your pregnancy can help to capture your body’s week-by-week transformation along with your feelings of anticipation as you wait for your family to grow.

When it comes to maternity photos, you’ve got tons of options. Even a simple selfie can be deeply meaningful. But posed photos — such as those that use props, are taken against dramatic backdrops, or involve family and pets — can also reflect the personality and style of the parents-to-be.

“I always recommend that my clients choose a location that is meaningful for them and helps to tell their story,” That could be the site of a meaningful moment, a beautiful vista, or simply the comforts of your living room. Look for spots that bring you joy, nourishment, and inspiration.

No matter how you pose — or who joins you in the photo — keep the focus on the bump, Wight advises. “That might seem obvious, but sometimes it’s unnoticeable at first glance if you are looking at [the mom-to-be] straight on,” she says. Wight’s goal when taking maternity pictures: a photo where the bump is showcased in a natural, flattering way.

Not sure where to begin? Browse this list for a little maternity photoshoot inspiration.

Maternity Photos With Props

Don’t underestimate the value of a good prop when it comes to your maternity photoshoot. A teensy-tiny pair of shoes or a sonogram pictures can be a powerful focal point.

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