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The Kanyadaan ritual is done during the main wedding day ceremony. … The ceremony ends with the bride finally given over to the care of her groom. Giving away the ‘prosperity of their life, their daughter, is considered as the noblest donation possible by a couple and is an emotional moment for everyone present.

The religious significance of Kanyadaan
It is believed that by doing so, all their sins get purified and that includes even the sins they committed in their previous birth. As for the groom, his bride is the most precious ‘gift’ that he has to honor and cherish her for the rest of his life and even after for seven births.

Kanyadaan can be performed by any couple if parents not present: … It is believed that only a couple can perform the ritual of kanyadaan and if the parents are not present, the elder brother along with his wife can perform the ritual. Also, the elder cousins can perform this ritual.

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