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Bridal Parlour shoot

Most of the people like to know the difference between bridal makeup and normal makeup, I will share some points with the knowledge I have. The first thing we should keep in mind is normally there will be many reasons which can make bridal makeup different from normal makeups It can be because of its Techniques, Tools, Materials, time, effort, cost, and most prominently the talent of Makeup Artist.

Here is the difference between them:

  • Regular Makeup: one color foundation and eye makeup
  • Bridal Makeup: 3 colors foundation highlighter, dark, and shade. In addition to the customized eye makeup.

Now I would explain the advantages of doing bridal makeups

1st one is Techniques

Brides need to get makeup artist as they need many Techniques within the art of face dimension and color correction with high sensitivity to hide all face natural mistakes like (big and large nose, Eyes prominent, flattened nose, narrow eyes, eyelid falling, prominent cheeks, sharp features, black or red circles or bags under the eyes or wrinkles or acne skin, therefore, the just one who can fix of these face problem is that the art of makeup through makeup artist.

2nd one is Tools

Makeup for brides needs special tools, It can only give the effect over face surface which may be easy to reflect within the right directions during photo sessions and shooting with high digital cameras and videos, without shades or flashlights, also painting the face is same like painting a photograph over papers can’t be attractive and clear except through professional tools like brushes, sponges, eyebrows’ comp, eyelashes glow and tools Etc

3rd is materials

Here doesn’t means only makeup brands or brushes and tools, it means the standard and performance besides, so Top makeup artist uses the top quality brands and material to brides which will give here the right look with photos and camera not only on the real look, as many of us can apply makeup to themselves ahead of the mirror but once they choose photo sessions cannot find equivalent textures and results which they were dreaming, that is the art of applying brands Bridal makeup through makeup artist not which cause makeup lasting till the top of their event with none photo editing or flash lighting reflection.

4th is Time

Brides while selecting makeup artists they should book him or her not much far. So that they could deliver the bride services on time without any delay by getting stuck in traffic jams.

5th is Effort

Bride’s makeup can take more the traditional effort in normal makeup, color mixing, and face and complexion correction with face dimension treatment all take efforts and also getting into rush hours and traffics to the bride place take efforts.

Hope that my points of view can assist you all to settle on your makeup artist in your day without hesitating and provides yourself the time and therefore the pleasure to taste the flavor of your beauty.i have a piece of advice to all brides once you attempt to contact any makeup artist put in your attention that if she is freelancer she or he should be famous in professionally. Now you all know a part of the explanations for why bridal makeup important than a regular one

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